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Violet is on complete medical leave receiving surgeries and aggressive treatments for multiple organs.
All of her books available to date can be found here:

Amazon | iBooks Barnes & Noble Kobo Google Play

Note that Violet's fan email correspondence system and social media correspondence will all be down and on
auto-reply through the duration of her medical leave as she is literally, physically unable to reply (her hand function sometimes comes and goes, and when she is not in treatments, she is mostly on bedrest).

All indie publication as well as the planning/hosting of her author conference in Hawai'i are all at a complete standstill for the time being.  Violet is hopeful to return to fighting form by late 2020. Should there be any updates in her prognosis, we will be sure to share them on her FB fan page as soon as we are able. Until then, Violet thanks you so much for your continued well-wishes, support, and interest in her books.


Note that the email addresses listed on the "Contact" page are only for industry correspondence, media inquiries, and literary rights inquiries regarding print/foreign/dramatic rights. Violet's publicist is manning those email addresses and will direct all rights inquiries to the corresponding rights agents/rights attorneys
(note that Violet has several different agents who handle her different series).


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