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(Cactus Creek #2)

He’s a better fighter

Hudson Reyes has been a fighter for longer than he cares to remember, with enough scars to last several lifetimes.  After his combat injuries retire him from the life he wasn’t ready to give up yet, Hudson forces himself back on his feet, building a new post-military career as a fight scene and weapons specialist in the film industry, spending his carbon copy days doing what he knows best: surviving.  Until he meets her.  The one woman that makes him want to live again.  The one woman with hidden wounds as deep as his…and a wicked roundhouse kick that almost knocks him out the day he finally learns her name.
…but she has all the weapons.

An antique arms authenticator by day and a self-defense instructor by night, Liana Lin has made a living turning the unthinkable demons of her past into the passions that fuel, and fill, her life.  So when the unjustly handsome man she’s been unable to get out of her head literally takes her to the mat with fighting styles unlike anything she’s ever seen—all while pinning her with a molten hot stare that promises things she won’t even let herself imagine, Lia makes damn sure the barbed wire fence around her heart is closed up tight.  Because if one man could find a way to disarm her carefully-built defenses, it’d be him. 
Now if only they could stop sparring long enough to find out... 
(Release Date: May 30th)

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Surprise!  I'm doing an anthology with seven of my best friends!
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LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER, (Cactus Creek #1)


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Hi all! Happy holidays!  I'm so excited to launch these two special edition covers for charity! For a limited time, 50% of all royalties from the special silver seal editions of FINDING THE RIGHT GIRL and the NICE GIRL TO LOVE trilogy will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and (in honor of the characters in the Nice Girl/Nice Guy books) the Huntington's Disease Society of America. 

(A Nice GUY to Love spin-off novel)

(The Complete Three-Book Collection)
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Also, if you purchase the paperback for either book on Amazon, I’ve made it so you can get the ebook version for FREE via the kindle matchbook program. Happy Reading! 

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season! <3

To celebrate the release of Finding the Right Girl, I put together a little Microsoft Surface Tablet giveaway for all of you. Thank you for being so wonderful!

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To celebrate the Nice Girl boxed set becoming a New York Times & USA Today Bestseller, I put together a little Kindle Fire HD & Nook HD Tablet giveaway for all my awesome fans. Love you guys!

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= To honor my book-a-day reading addiction, every so often, for a week straight, I'll go nuts and give away one book a day from some of my favorite romance authors' newest 2013 releases (and not because they're written by friends I love either, but because you really should read 'em). To enter, be sure to swing by my Facebook Page on the day of the book you'd like to win and participate in the giveaway posted there.  I'll also have an alternative means of entry here on the giveaway page for those of you who don't have Facebook.  :)

The September Giveaway
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